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The Center for Health Policy, created in 2006, is housed at the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Public Health. The CHP faculty and staff collaborate with state and local government, as well as public and private health care organizations in health policy and program development to conduct high quality program evaluation and applied research on critical health policy-related issues. CHP serves as a bridge between academic health researchers and state and local government as well as health care organizations and community leaders.

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IPLA Inspect Summary Report

Dear Health Care Professional:

Last fall, the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Center for Health Policy, in collaboration with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) and the Attorney General’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force Education Sub-Committee, conducted an online survey of licensed prescribers and dispensers across the State of Indiana.  The purpose of the survey was to provide policymakers, stakeholders, and the public a better understanding of prescribers’ and dispensers’ views and experiences with the INSPECT program and related issues. 

The response to the survey was outstanding.  Nearly 6,000 people responded!  Today, we delighted to share a copy of final study report, Key Findings and Recommendations from the 2013 IPLA INSPECT Knowledge and Use Survey.  It is free and publicly available online through the Center for Health Policy’s website at: http://www.healthpolicy.iupui.edu/PubsPDFs/IPLA%20Inspect%20Summary%20Report.pdf.

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped out in this study, including those who took the time to fill out the questionnaire and to those who contributed to the development of the survey.  We hope everyone will find the report informative and useful in our collective efforts to reduce the abuse of prescription drug abuse across Indiana. 



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