Health Impact Assessments 


Health impact assessment (HIA) is a methodological process that can be used to predict the potential effects of a proposed policy, program, or project on the health of a population. HIA incorporates a holistic approach, defining health not only by its biophysical effects, but in a broader social, economic, and environmental context.

Even though HIAs have been advocated by international organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), and have been conducted successfully in various countries, the United States has been somewhat slow in adopting these methodologies. However, HIA utilization has been increasing in the United States in recent years, driven by a growing recognition that planning and policy decisions can greatly impact the public’s health.

Workforce training is an important aspect in building HIA capacity, and the development of educational materials including academic courses and workshops has been identified as a high priority. In response, the IU Department of Public Health together with the Center for Health Policy developed a graduate-level HIA course with a service-learning component. The course is offered annually to graduate students.

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